History Of Dick Kulpa's Political
...dating all the way back to his high school newspaper days in 1969

Cartoonist Dick Kulpa as ALDER-Man
Kulpa as "ALDER-Man"

Part 1: Birth of a Political Cartoonist

Part 2: Dick Kulpa Runs for Mayor

Part 3: Ald. Kulpa VS the Cops

Part 4: Rise of ALDER-MAN

Part 5: Dick Kulpa's Greatest Cartoon


starlette book
(Kulpa: Fully illustrated)


starlettre book
(Kulpa: Front and Back Cover)

STARLETTE UNIVERSE: Li'l Lilly 'What A Babe'
Book 1

Lil Lilly Book 1 drawn by Dick Kulpa
(Kulpa: Fully Illustreated)


Book 2

Lil Lilly Christmas Present Book 2 Drawn by Dick Kulpa
(Kulpa: Fully Illustreated)

Book 3

Lil Lilly Birthday Present book 3 Drawn by Dick Kulpa
((Kulpa: Fully Illustreated -
On Sale Now)


dick kulpa logo animated gif
Website home of Dick Kulpa! Publisher of CRACKED Magazine and former editor of Weekly World News.
Dick Kulpa's works have been syndicated internationally.

Kulpa Statement About CRACKED.Com

Scripps newspaper interview - 2003
Congratulations to Scripps for their April 2016 acquisition...CRACKED is in good hands -- at least as far as the website goes.
Back in March I sensed something was up due to a sudden flurry of "strange" activity. A week after I applied for what I found to be an "abandoned" CRACKED Magazine trademark, the $39 million sale was suddenly annouinced.
Bizarre stuff continued (not related to Scripps). A prominent lawyer agreed things seemed suspicious, so I installed security software designed to trap unwelcome cyber-guests, something I regret not doing back in 2005 (though they missed one email;-).
(Reams of data are currently being analyzed.)
Oddly enough, no journalist has ever asked me about my 200-2005 CRACKED tenure after the fact, though one Scripps newspaper interviewed me in 2003.
Unbeknownst to all but a handful of people, my CRACKED tenure was actually highlighted by what is probably my greatest victory ever, something SOMEBODY might want to be made aware of -- especially...as to "why.";-)
Still, lots of people were left holding the bag on this, and now that a major bastion of journalism is involved, maybe this can finally be addressed. At the very least, I'd love to "compare notes."
--Dick Kulpa, Publisher


The Double Eagle Comes Home

1960 Cchevrolet Impala 'The Double Eagle, inspiration for Dick Kulpa's comic strip and tabloid career.

The 1960 Chevy comic strip car "The Double Eagle" has come home after 8 long years in storage. Remarkably intact, "she'll need a little work," says Kulpa, who bought the car for $75 back in 1973.

Stay tuned!

Kulpa: 'Help Me Rerstore This Beauty and I'll Put YOU Behind the Wheel'

Dick Kulpa Double vEagle caricatures

Full coilor digital caricature of YOU behind the wheel of this famed comic strip classic car can be yours for a mere $20. Contact Dick Kulpa for details at dkulpa348@gmail.com

See the hsitory of this 1960 Chevrolet,
The Double Eagle, here


See Dick Kulpa's Latest Project: GANGBUSTER™

Dick Kulpa Gangbuster comic page panel features JJ Abrams directing Gangbusterfemale action superhero Gangbuster Gal
Sample images drawn by Dick Kulpa from the GANGBUSTER™ Graphic Nove;. Click images to see full pages.


Santa Cries at Sandy Hook

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